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05 February 2008 @ 10:41 pm
So apparently I was supposed to post this this past weekend? But missed the memo. D:  
Recipient's (pen)name:kaiwynn
Rating: PG, oddly enough. But I figure this can be the first installment of something quite squicky...
Pairing: Baruch/Balthamos
Summary: Flashback to their meeting, and escape from Metatron, eons ago.

The lesser YHWH

Baruch gazes across the quiet city below, wistful. How it had been, nearly an eternity it seemed when Enoch had joined with The Authority to control the worlds. "It is the only way to defeat him," his brother had said, "Together we can bring this tyranny to an end." And at first they had plotted in secret, together to ascend the ranks of angels and gain power, finally wresting control and setting loose a new epoch of free will and thought.

He sighs, and turns to face his sleeping lover. Balthamos, his one love, the one who had - uncharacteristically - freed him in that dark place deep beneath the Clouded Mountain.


Enoch's betrayal had been sudden, though Baruch in hindsight should have suspected things were horribly amiss. The Authority had been increasingly favoring his brother, and Enoch had become increasingly dismissive and distant.

He had been asleep when it happened. One moment asleep, the next strong hands gripped him, bound him and blindfolded him. Then a blow, and a wash of darkness.

He had been sure he could hear his brother's voice in the distance - Baruch remembered trying to call out, but his voice had been thin, cracked. And then there had been laughter, monstrous and loud, Enoch's but changed and deeply powerful. He had shivered.

"Baruch," he had heard his brother say.


The blow came from nowhere, the pain searing. "No Baruch." The laughter again, loud like a gong. "I am now Metatron. I am The Authority's Regent, and you are my prisoner."

The words had hurt far more than the blow.


Baruch walks to Balthamos, and kneels. He places his left hand on his lover's upper back, and caresses him, down the middle of his back. His skin is smooth, warm, and bears no scars but one. There, on his right side is a long raised red line, where Metatron's lash had cut him during their escape.


Balthamos had found him accidentally, he was an errand boy then, and fascinated with exploring the Mountain's innermost parts. Baruch had gone weeks with the barest of contact with anyone, and the contact he did was at the degradations of sadistic jailers, who would enter his cell, smile, and beat him until he could see the dust rise and swirl behind the backs of his eyes.

Baruch's eyes had appeared though the cell door window suddenly, like twin blue dots of sky. "Who is in there?" he had asked.

"My name is Baruch...who are you?" he had asked warily.

"Balthamos. I'm a servant here. Why are you here?"

"My brother is the Regent, he keeps me here ... I do not know. To torture me."

There had been a long silence, while Balthamos's eyes stared into the cell.

"I must go. I will come back."


Balthamos wakes, and turns on the blanket to Baruch. Balthamos smiles, his white teeth in contrast to his dark face. He reaches up to touch Baruch's cheek.

"Kiss me Baruch."

Baruch leans over, his alabaster skin shining in the moonlit air, and their lips touch, and close.